Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Knot Tying - Tying a Highline to Picket Horses

I received a comment from Angie who asked: "Can you show me how to tie my horses up on a line as opposed to just keeping them tied to the trailer? I saw a lady at a overnight endurance ride, who had a line between her trailer and a tree which allowed the horse some more freedom I think, but I did not get a chance to see how she tied this arrangement up. Angie"

This is how I usually tie a High Line. I use a clove hitch with a round turn to secure one end. I'll tie as many Butterfly Knots as I need to tie my horse's lead lines to, then a tension knot at the other end to secure the High Line. The High Line needs to be pretty high so the horses don't tangled up in it. I hope this video helps you out.

Instead of tying a Butterfly Knot in the middle of the High Line, you can use a Figure Eight to create a ring where you can tie a horse to (see photo below).

There are also commercial metal ring devices, like a Figure Eight, that are available from Packing Supply Companies. Check out TrailMax In-Line Swivels and Knot Eliminators from

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