Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reader Question on Parts of the Horse's Leg

An friend of mine asked me to do a post on getting familiar with a horse's leg anatomy so he could talk to the Vet on the phone about problems with his horse. This is a good topic as I'm sure a lot of Vet's have problems understanding questions and symptoms as related to the location on a horse's leg that are given over the phone from their clients.

Obviously the better the information a horse owner can his the Vet, the better and more accurate advice the Vet can provide in return. Even then expect the Vet to play 50 questions with you as you try to articulate the problem and what you are seeing.

It pays to be able to correct identify the parts of the horse's leg to get the Vet anatomically oriented to where the problem area is. If you don't know or have a hard time remembering the parts of a horse's leg, you can print the following picture, or better yet, buy any one of many good books on horse owner care and keep it handy.


  1. Is it okay to post part of this on my website basically post a hyperlink to this webpage?
    fly control for horses

  2. Yes. You can copy or link anything that I post. I'd prefer you don't copy one of the pictures of me and draw horns on my head, but use anything as you need to. It if helps someone then great! Regards ~ Brad