Friday, August 12, 2011

A Little Mare Called Reckless

I was sent the story of this amazing horse, called Reckless, and a heck of a story it is. This was a horse purchased by the Marines during the Korean War to carry ammunition to gun positions. A Marine Lieutenant named Eric Pedersen reported bought Reckless, a smallish mare, from a Korean boy who needed money to buy an artificial leg for a family member.

Loved and well cared for by the Marines, Reckless was eventually promoted to Staff Sergeant after an amazing record of service in a very dangerous environment where she was wounded twice. The story could also be called "The Little Mare That Could".

Watch the video story on this horse prized by the Marine Corps.

To read the entire story of this little mare called Reckless, go to her memorial website.

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  1. Great article, with photos, in a recent Cowboys & Indians.
    July issue: "Five memorable horses" Making a list of what horses can teach us. Courage under fire goes on the list. Thanks. There was a wounded and decorated USMC Dobie. Will find that info. Mens Journal has a great article about special ops using horses in Afghanistan. some humor, since they were not necessarily horsemen.