Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tying Knots - The Clove Hitch

Continuing on with the series of Horseman's Knot, today I show you the Clove Hitch.

This easy knot is a good knot to know, especially when packing in on horseback or mules and setting up camp. It is a non-slip knot that a quick release can be added to.

In fact, a friend of mine uses the Clove Hitch with a quick release at his tie rail knot when tying horses. I don't use the Clove Hitch for that, as I use the knot's I previously demonstrated in how to tie a horse to a tie rail, and how to tie to a Trailer D ring, but I see no reason that you could not use the Clove Hitch with a quick release to tie a horse.

I use this knot for setting up tents and tarps and securing them to a ground stake. Another use is for setting up a high line to picket horses to.

Hope the video helps you learn another knot.

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