Sunday, June 27, 2010

Horse Health Care - Check Your Feed

Months ago I wrote a post on Horse Feed, you can review it by clicking here. I talked about the importance of checking your alfalfa or grass hay to ensure mold and contaminants are not present.

Over the years I have found a dead turtle, dead rabbits, dead lizards, one tennis shoe, crush soda and beer cans, plastic bags, etc. I can deal with that crap, but what I am checking for are mold, toxic plants and blister beetles.

One my last hay load, I found not a little but alot of snake weed in a few bales of alfalfa. Snake weed is also referred to as Loco Weed. This is not good for your horses to eat to say the least.

Be familiar with what it looks like. I also did a post on toxic plants and you can see snake weed growing by clicking here.

So, just a reminder to check your feed. If it is suspect, then don't feed it. It's much cheaper checking, not feeding it, and throwing it away (or feeding to the goats) then calling a Vet at midnight or even burying a horse. Safe Journey.

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