Monday, June 28, 2010

Property Maintenance

Part of owning horses,....did a part? I should say "a large part" of horse ownership is doing all the facilities maintenance necessary to not only provide your horse(s) with a fair life, but to enhance your ability to take care of them and efficiently use your time.

This weekend was one of those periods spent on facilities maintenance. Primarily getting the stalls and corrals ready for the rainy season. Towards the end of June and through mid July we tend to get about 1/3 to 1/2 of our annual rainfall total of 8 inches. Wet sand and mud makes for cleaning stalls tough. I put tons of sand and dirt in six of horse stalls; built up areas in the corral that had been worn away from the wind and from normal horse movements; widened some of the roads for tractor trailer rigs to be able to maneuver through my property, and cleared away some edges of mesquite mounds so parking trailers would be alittle bit easier.

Patching and re-calking stock tanks and replacing cracked feed buckets filled in the rest of the weekend for the most part. My wife bathed several horses and treated some skin fungus not to mention shoveling and raking the brood mare stall. I did manage to get one 8 mile ride in. The clouds humored me and somewhat mitigated the 100 degree heat.
Well, I guess there's always tomorrow. Safe Journey.

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