Friday, January 14, 2011

Reader Question on Cowboy Handguns

Received a comment and question from Bill W. I watched a couple of your videos on shooting from horseback. What guns do you use and or recommend? Great site and thanks!

Thanks Bill, for your nice comment. I use a single action revolver in .45 Long Colt because blanks are available, from Buffalo Blanks. I have two .45 LC single actions that I primarily use: a stainless steel Ruger Vaquero and a nickel plated single action from EAA called the Bounty Hunter. The Ruger is by far the better gun. I have also carried a single action in .357 Magnum made by Taurus - which is a great little gun, but I don't want to have to make my own blanks for it. When I was a Conservation Law Enforcement officers I carried a Smith and Wesson Model 686 revolver in .357 Magnum. The guns in the picture above are, from top to bottom: Smith and Wesson Model 686, Taurus, Ruger Vaquero and the EAA Bounty Hunter.

I'll try to explain more in the video below. Remember if you start using gun around horses, go slow and be safe.

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