Sunday, January 9, 2011

Keira, an Abused Horse, Needs Help

I would not normally solicit for donations for even the animals we rescue, but this is a special case,...the Vet bill will be big and the Horse is in foal. I received this information from a woman I trust completely, with the new owners of the abused horse in the story below being friends of hers. If you could see fit to contribute to Keira's vet bill, they would appreciate it. Even $5 and $10 will certainly add up. Safe Journey.

Keira is around 10-12 years old and is a beautiful black mare, that up until now has only known neglect and abuse at the hands of her former owner. Her former owner was a drunk and for sport would chase after Keira in the pasture while on a four wheeler. One afternoon she was chasing Keira and ran her right into the fence, when Keira became unable to free herself from the fence, her former owner shouted "thats what you deserve." Keira's former owner left her there and when the neighbors attempted to assist Keira the owner warned them to stay off the property or she would start shooting. The neighbor waited for her to go into the house, cut Keira loose, and promptly notified animal control. Although animal control told the former owner to get a vet out for a visit, Keira was left almost a year without proper medical attention. One day the neighbors saw Keira and noticed she had a huge mass on her leg, and again called animal control. I was called in to help this mare or they were going to have her put down.

As soon as I laid eyes on Keira, there was no other option, and I took her home with me. We also have good reason to believe that Keira is currently pregnant and due in approximately 4 to 5 months, this is according to her former owner. Keira is a sweet girl, but she is understandably shy and untrusting. Please help me get her the care she deserves, so that she can be pain free, and continue on with her pregnancy peacefully. Lets show Keira that not all humans want to hurt her. Thank you.

The link to the Keira site is here. There is a donation link on the top right hand side.

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