Friday, February 5, 2010

What Every Horse Owner Should Know.

A horse is not only a large investment but a risky one in many cases for people who don’t know what they are getting into. Owners and prospective owners need to consider the costs after the initial purchase. A neighbor of mine bought a horse for $400. During the conversation with him I gathered he did not understand that buying the horse was the cheap part. He’s in for an education.

I told him he has many things to learn if he truly wants to be a competent horse owner and that I would help him with the basics but it is his responsibility to learn and apply those lessons,…among them:

  • Know how to be safe around a horse. Safely halter and lead a horse.

  • Basics of Horse Nutrition.

    Being able to determine the horse’s body condition.

  • Be able to pick up the horse’s feet (hooves) and clean them as well as recognizing problems in the hoof.

  • Should be able to recognize signs of common serious problems such as colic and founder and not hesitate to call a Veterinarian. In fact, have the Vet’s phone number on speed dial.

  • Know how to take the horse’s pulse, respiration rate and temperature as well how to describe the symptoms over the phone.

The owner, particularly the new and in-experienced horse owner, needs to constantly seek and gain knowledge about the horse. The list of subjects concerning horses are long, not hard to learn, just the education never stops.

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