Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Question on Saddle Squeaking

Received this question through e-mail: "Hi, my name is Connor and I finally saved up enough money for a new ranch saddle. Its an all rough out, association tree, ranch saddle made by Corriente Saddle Company in New Mexico. The problem I have with it is that the saddle squeaks horribly, so bad to the point its bothering the colts I have been riding. I have tried baby powder but it has done nothing. What are the other ways I could fix the squeaks and also what should I use to oil an all rough out saddle? I appreciate you taking the time to read this and hope to hear back from you soon. "

Hey Connor, thanks for writing. If you have been riding that sadle for awhile now, sounds to me like it's may be more of a tree issue, but maybe you can do something more about it other than baby powder. Corriente has a good reputation, so in no way am I trying to disparage their saddles.

I would get in touch with Corriente Saddle Company, of Anthony, New Mexico at (day) 915-525-9009 or (night) 575-874-3388 and ask them what they think. Of course, with a lot of use and sweat,... your and your horses',...... the squeaking may resolve itself.

Although I know boys who would never put oil or cream on a roughout, if it were my saddle, I would condition it using either pure neatsfoot oil or a paste wax based conditioner like Saddle Butter or Apache Cream. The roughout will absorb oil pretty quick and most likely darken it. It's a little harder to rub oil or cream into a rough out because of the exposed nap of the roughout. If you decide to oil it maybe try a piece of sheepskin to apply the oil. ...and maybe try a small section underneath the skirt first. When I use Saddle Butter, I usually use a rubber glove to rub it in.

Good luck and safe journey.

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