Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tying Knots - The Square Knot

I was reminded that I have not completed a post on the simple square knot. So I offer this post.

The square knot is a quick knot to secure two different sections or pieces of rope, or to tie a rope together as in a loop.

I used the square knot a lot, using leather stings to tie to bridles to bits or to hackamores. I'll also use this knot to secure ropes or other items to my saddles using the saddle strings. I have also used this knot to rig a chest loop to hook to another rope to make a descent down a small cliff or gulley to retrieve lost equipment,....such as hats that got blowed off, and I imagine it would come in handy to quickly get down to an injured horse or rider as well.

The square knot, see the photo above, is just a loop with the end of the rope coming back onto itself. To make this knot secure, you can add a half hitch on each end and dress up the knot.

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