Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reader Response - Breast Collar Fit

Responding to a reader request from Mike on some advice on Breast Collar fit. I use a pulling collar with the attachment straps through the swell of the saddle as this keeps the collar off the Horse's chest and his neck and doesn't limit his mobility nor discomfort him as much as breast collar that lays across the chest tied to D rings on the saddle. Nor does the pulling collar style breast collar impede the Horse's throat and his breathing. I also secure the breast collar not so tight as I leave enough room to put a fist between the collar and the horse's chest. The breast collar is there to prevent the saddle from sliding when moving uphill of course.

Typical breast collars that attach to D rings on the saddle tend to run across the horse's chest and offer some impediment to his motion.

The picture above is a pulling collar style breast collar. You can go to National Ropers Supply and see many different styles and finishes.

Some breast collars will also have a strap that runs over the horses neck that connects to the other anchor strap. You may like this or find this a helpful solution to help keep the breast collar in position.

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  1. Excellent, thanks for this, much appreciated.