Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Packing Trip with Bob and his Friends

Made a packing trip the other day taking three city boys up into the mountains to hunt Muleys.

After we made camp, setting up one cook/storage tent and two 2 man smaller sleeping teepees, one of the boys approached me and said “I got to warn you about Bob. He snores like jet engine. Nobody wants to sleep in the same tent with him. So I’ll try tonight, but be warned I may be crowding into your tent.”

I said “Okay, suits me. Give it a try and we can always figure something out.”

The next morning the first guy appeared like he didn’t get a wink of sleep all night. So I asked “What happened to you partner? You look like you’ve been sorting Bobcats.” He replied “Bob snored all night long and I didn’t get any sleep whatsoever.”

So I guided all three of them through the mountains that day looking for Mule Deer but the man who didn’t get any sleep was dragging on us and holding us back. When we returned to camp and after I attended to the horses, the second guy say’s,……”Okay, I’ll sleep in Bob’s teepee tonight. I’m so damn tired I don’t think even Bob’s snoring will affect me.” So the sleeping arrangements made, we all sacked out for the evening.

The next morning the second guy stumbles out of Bob’s teepee looking like hell warmed over. I offered him a cup of thick black coffee and asked him, “So, you look like the other guy did yesterday morning. Did Bob keep you up all night with his snoring?” The second guy replied, “I don’t think I got even two minutes of sleep last night. And I still have ringing and roaring in my ears from Bob’s snoring.”

So after another day of unsuccessful hunting because now I had two guys who couldn’t keep up, we returned to camp. Since the next day was our last day of hunting, I volunteered to sleep in Bob’s teepee and give the other two boys a chance of rest. Both warned me about Bob, but I said not to worry,…that I’ll be damn sure to get some sleep.

The next morning I was finishing making breakfast when the first two boys pulled out of their teepee and seeing me they both remarked that it looked like I got a good nights sleep and wanted to know how I managed that with Bob being such a loud snorer.

I said “Well we got ready for bed. I went and patted Bob on the butt, tucked his sleeping bag around him, and kissed him good night. Bob sat up and watched me all night."

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