Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tying Knots - The Neckerchief Knot

You'll never hardly see a working Cowboy without a neckerchief around his neck. Sometimes called a wild rag, a neck rag, or a bandanna this triangular piece or a square piece of cloth, folded over, is too much of a needed item not to go without.

Cowboys, proud of their gear, often use brightly colored or fancy neckerchiefs, which are more often called "Wild Rags". Paisley patterned or polka dotted are very common.

Some prefer to wear them loose and some prefer tied tight around the neck. I prefer a loose neckerchief and use it for everything from wiping sweat, cleaning glasses or binocular lens', to wrapping around my nose and mouth to protect against sand blown in high winds which are common down here in West Texas.

In the video below I explain several methods of tying a neckerchief knot or wild rag knot.


  1. Thanks for another great tip. Watched while slippin on my chinks;gatherin up on the mountain this am. Out here the Boss calls it a "hanky," which i love, cause of the hint of irony. He used to think it was show off, till he realized how much it does for the neck on a cold mountain. Mentioned you on my Face book page. Hope you don't mind. Want to do so also on Ian Tyson's and some others. You really helped me with a previous problem. Later. Gotta ride.

  2. P.S. i also use it for construction: drywall and saw dust, for instance.

    And my EMT training tells me, you never know when you might need a tourniquet, for yourself or your animal.

    Thanks again for this really invaluable site.

  3. Just found your site, looks good. Thought I would share my site with you, I will put a link to my horseman Tips page, enjoy.