Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Horse Training – Tying a Horse in a Trailer

Danny from Missouri asked me if tie up my horses when I trailer them. Danny didn’t say if he has any particular problem with his horse or what kind of trailer he has, so I’ll just explain what I do and why.

Yes Jerry, for the most part if I am trailering one horse, in a combination trailer, I usually tie him high and as loose as I can without him stepping over the lead line or allow him to get turned around. I used to routinely trailer one horse to drop off areas near the mountains for my horseback patrols as an Army Range Rider so tying him was to keep him from getting turned around and in a bad position for those rough dirt and mountain roads.

Sometimes I tie directly to a tie ring in the trailer, always with a quick release in case that horse gets into trouble. Sometimes I use a ring snap or clip ring on the lead line. I never use trailer bungees as my experience with them is they dry rot and are easily broken, sometimes having a metal panic snap or bull snap flying back and hitting the horse in the head. That doesn’t do a whole lot to make a head shy horse better or make that horse like the trailer.

If I’m hauling two horses in a combination trailer I’ll place the first horse in a slant compartment, but I always tie horses, combination trailer or stock trailer, as it keeps them from getting turned around or in trouble or trying to back out before you want them to. Although I have put two horses side by side in stock trailers with tying them, usually going from one grazing unit or patrol area to another without problems.

I think horses do best when they are hauled in a slant position as they can react better to forward and lateral forces and keep their balance better. Hope this and the below video helps you. Safe Journey.

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