Thursday, September 9, 2010

Reader Question on Rifle Scabbards

I received a reader question asking where they could get a good leather rifle scabbard. The reader did not mention what type of rifle they wanted to carry, so I'll talk about several different options here.

I have several different leather rifle scabbards,..probably the two I use the most are one made by Classic Old West Styles (COWS) at, and one made by a prison leather shop that a Texas Ranger Captain gave me, which would be unavailable for most people. The COWS scabbard is a good high quality scabbard and anyone would be pleased owning it.

Depending upon your price range, Outfitters Supply, has excellent quality leather products. The price would run from $125 for a carbine scabbard to $170 - $260 for a scabbard that would fit a scoped rifle.

I do not suggest buying the cheap leather scabbards, that I have seen priced at around $40. Generally, these cheap scabbards are made from poor quality leather and the stitching leaves alot to be desired. You don't need to be horseback and find your prized lever action missing from it's a scabbard. So I would stay away from the cheaper scabbards from places like Cabela's.

Two other excellent sources would be El Paso Saddlery at
and Big Bend Saddlery at

Examples of regular saddle carbine scabbard and scabbard for scoped rifle below:

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