Monday, August 2, 2010

Hanging Rifle Scabbards on Your Saddle

I received a comment through our YouTube channel reference to saddle rifles. Illustratz asks: “How do you attach the rifle scabbard to the saddle?”

Basically there are two ways to attach a rifle scabbard to your saddle. One – use the scabbard latigo straps and/or spring snaps or snap hooks to afix to D rings underneath the conchos holding your saddle strings and/or one or more of your cinch (front or rear) D rings.

Two – use the Saddle strings to tie the scabbard to the saddle – this is an uncommon method, but possible.

I use the scabbard latigo straps with spring snaps to snap the scabbard to the cinch D rings on the off side (right side as you are riding), so that the scabbard is angled upward to the back where the rifle stock, and therefore the end you pull the rifle from, is easily located.

Lots of different ways to hang a rifle scabbard. Be considerate of your horse so that the scabbard is not poking him in the neck as he turns his head, or that the scabbard isn’t rubbing a raw spot on him. The scabbard needs to be positioned so that you can draw the rifle from the scabbard while in the saddle if necessary and not be an unnecessary bulk under your leg where comfort or your ability to reach your horse with your legs is compromised too much.


  1. I have seen the nylon rifle scabbards but where can I get a leather one for a rifle? Do they normally come with tie down straps or do you have get those someplace else?

  2. That is a beautiful.That Saddle Rifle Scabbard wrap can also unwrap and this one opens up nicely. That saddle straps and buckles hold everything secure for transportation.