Monday, October 13, 2014

Snake Tracks

While riding in the desert after a recent rain where several large puddles of water formed in low ground, we ran across this snake track in the mud that was visible underneath the waterline.

You can see how the snake tracks are in a "S" or serpentine shape, no pun intended, where the snakes pulls his body up and pushes against the ground creating a outside wave pressure release pattern of disturbed ground.

The snake's movement disturbed the settled dirt, making it appear dirtier as well as creating a vacuum which pulled surface debris into the snake's track and held in place by the edges of the wave pressure release.

This was very recent upon and I suspect the snake sensed the ground disturbance on our approach and moved quickly across this puddle as when we saw the snake track the dirt had not settled and the surface debris was still evident. The wave pattern often creates a wider track than the object that made it, be it a snake or a foot, but this was a pretty big snake by the size of the width of his track.

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