Monday, June 20, 2011

Cowboy Knife - Custom Knife by Joe Teague

I asked Joe Teague of El Paso, Texas to make another knife for me with a couple small design changes to the knife handle and sheath primarily. Joe is a modern Mountain Man who hand makes knifes of all sizes, period correct from the early 1800's through the late part of the century. He also make camp axes as well. He works in many different metals include Damascus and tool steel as well as using some of the prettiest hardwood available.

I asked Joe to use Tigerwood Maple hardwood for the handle, insert a lanyard hole in the end of the handle, and make a cross draw, pancake type sheath with belt loops for a right hand draw. I like the lanyard as sometimes I don't get quite a full grip on the knife so the lanyard, which I made out of cut down saddle strings, help me draw the knife.

I like a cross draw as it keeps the knife out of the way but accessible....and serves as a retainer for my gun belt which is a leather and canvas cartridge belt.

Two weeks later, Joe called and told me it was ready for pickup and when I did he
explained that he used German silver for the hollow pin for the lanyard hole. The sheath is as quality made as the best firearms holster available today.

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