Monday, June 21, 2010

Horse Health Care - Doctoring Eye Injuries

Sooner or later a horse is bound to have some problem with one or both eyes. An infection from some bug going around; a stick poking him in the eye and causing some problems; or just dirt and debris that needs to be washed out. Sometimes an eye lash gets turn inside and really irritates the horse's eye.

I use Clear Eyes solution or regular saline solution to clean out the eyes and a clean gauze pad to wipe away the eye boogers and excessive moisture then apply anti-biotic ointment. I use ophthalmic or triple anti-biotic ointment without any topical numbing agent like hydro-cortisone, which Vets have told me could really hurt the eye or even blind them.

The ophthalmic ointment comes in small tubes with a rounded nozzle that is less dangerous (less sharp) to the horse's eyes. I have also used a syringe to draw triple anti-biotic ointment out of a regular tube then use the syringe to place the ointment into and around the horses eye.

I like to place the ointment in both corners of the horses eye, being careful to point the nozzle of the tube or syringe away from the eye. The horse's natural eye movement will help distribute the ointment. You can also put the ointment inside the eye lid next to the eye itself but I have found this hard to due.

It's important to wipe away any excess anti-biotic ointment that can attract sand and the horse lays down.

I'll usually treat eye injuries twice a day in this manner and have the horse wear a fly mask, pretty much 24/7 until the infection is gone.

Hope this helps you with your own horse's eye care. Safe Journey.

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  1. Dear Functional Horseman. I really like your videos. Please keep doing them. I have been treating my horse for an eye infection and am now able to get medicine into his eyes, however he will not let me put a fly mask on him.. He gets spooky and runs away when I got to slip the mask on him. Any suggestions for me??