Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Horse Care - Neglect Case

Following less than 10 days after I wrote about some people keeping horses literally as back yard pets in un-safe conditions, I turn on the local news and see a report on a home fire.

The news films a man walking (strolls more like it) out of a gate next to his house with a fire burning in the back of the house between the home and garage or shed. The news caster goes on to report that the man's horse was consumed in the fire. I about came unglued. We have this film of man walking calmly off his property while a horse burns alive in his back yard.

While I don't know all the particulars on this case, I do know the type of horse owner this is. One who horse property and care standards ain't any better than the people I wrote about previously (click here for that post). And one who keeps a horse penned up in a small stall not giving the horse a fair life.

I am an advocate for the horse and will not apologize for my comments on these type of people. Chances are they have a dog or two chained up in their yard also. In fact we own seven dogs that previous owners did not take care of, and have run off ending up at my place, where they are welcome as long as they are peaceful (keep the coyotes away).

Back to horses,....what I do know is that these types of horse owners will not change their stripes. Seems like a no brainer that if you're going to have a horse to ride that you want some decent type relationship with such a large animal you are going to potentially trust your life to. Those changes have to be easy, like training a horse, making the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard. I don't know if these means expanded animal control authority or some type of equine social worker,....I just don't know. But I do know that a horse shouldn't burn alive through someone's negligence or lack of care.

Saw another idiot the past couple days also. This guy had a horse for sale parked on a wide spot on the State highway. A little sorrel mare in a trailer for 6 to 8 hours in 100 degree heat. Worst yet, this looked like a cargo trailer with metal railing sides that only came up to the horse shoulder. Unbelieveable.  We hopefully thisis my rant for the month.  Safe Journey.

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