Sunday, September 5, 2010

Help on Using Split Reins

I received a reader question many weeks ago that I am now just getting to,...the reader asked about how to hold and use split reins.

Boy, I'm not exactly the right person to ask that of. I know how most people use split reins and I'll start with that, but I use split reins a little different.

With split reins,....that is two distinct separate pieces of rein that connect to the bit or hackamore, the rider can use a direct rein or an indirect rein (neck reining).

With split reins you still keep your hands in the box above and forward of the saddle horn or swell if you have one of those hornless saddles. Hey, I got nothing against hornless saddles,..hell, the old cavalry McCellan is hornless. Anyway, you hold onto your split reins with either both hands or with one hand, palms down.

With traditional split reins, usually they are crossed at the rider and the rider holds them with one hand where they cross.

I use split reins alittle different. I tie a 8 inch length of leather string around the reins about 18 inches from the end of them, to use as a slider. The excess part of the reins are drapped together over one side or the other. Normally drapped over to my right hand side, unless I'm roping then I'll flip the end of the reins over to my left hand side.

Probably not writing this well enough for you to understand so hope the video explains it better. In any event, just try to ride with as little pressure on the reins as you can. Try to be as subtle with your signals via the reins as you can. You and your horse will be much better for it. Safe Journey.

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  1. Thanks for the post and video. I have always ridden with one piece reins and often felt uneasy when I ride someone else's horses using split reins.