Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More on Using Hoof Testers

I received a request from Carol who asked for some more tips on using Hoof Testers. I hope that between this video and the previous video on checking for lameness where I also used the Hoof Testers will help understanding this tool and how to check for hoof soreness and possible problems.

I had an old horse who broke a coffin bone wing in his right rear hoof. When we were trying to figure out what was wrong with him, I used the hood testers on that foot and he about blew with the pain. After X-rays, the Vet had no hopes for him ever being sound again. That horse had paid his dues with me and I was not ready to give up on him, so I worked with my farrier to bring him back to soundness.

Another more likely possible with hoof soreness or lameness originating at the hoof is a foreign object such as a nail, cactus or mesquite needle penetrating the hoof and the hoof closing up over the entry. This will cause an abscess which is very painful and the horse will show on the area that gives him pain when pressure is applied with the hoof tester.

Hope this helps Carol,

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