Saturday, June 12, 2010

Horse Training - Using Nose Chains

Some people use Nose Chains in conjunction with halters in order to control their horse through more 'bite" or pain. The user needs to understand the severity of using a chain and the potential injury you can cause to the soft cartilage in the horse's nose.

You see nose chains hooked to lead lines on halters for race horse. These horse's are kinda "bred to bolt" and run as fast as they can, as such they are hopped up on high energy feed and using nose chains in the hands of professional handlers makes sense. The average horse owner needs to be careful using nose chains.

I would much rather use a rope halter with a rawhide band across the nose if I had to go to anything more severe than just a plain rope halter. The solution to most of the horse that are hard to handle leading on the ground is more ground work.

If you are going to use nose chains, be real careful. Do not ever tie up your horse with a lead line hooked to a nose chain. If they pull back they will cause tremendous damage to their nose - and it will be your fault.

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