Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Horse Hoof Care - Hoof Wraps

I finally found, again, the Hoof Wraps source. I have several hoof wraps and always carry on in my saddle bag. In case my horse sustains a hoof injury or bends a shoe where I have to take it off or gets puncture. I have actually never used it on my horses, but have three times used it on other horses. I’m lucky I have an excellent shoer who drives 150 miles one way to trim and shoe my horses every six weeks. I have only had one shoe ever come off with this shoer, and that was when I was loping through the desert, hit a soft spot where my horse got bogged down and over stepped clipping and bending his front left shoe.

Anyway, the Hoof Wrap is a small flat package which consists of a three layers of 2200 denier ballistic nylon and Velcro wrap with a removable, durable EVA foam pad.

Hoof Wraps bandages are guaranteed to fit most horses and stay on in the field no matter the conditions and allows your horse the freedom to stay on. Although I still use Easy Boots to treat hoofs with a cloth soaked in water and Epsom salts, the Easy Boots are too cumbersome to take on the trail where size and weight are a consideration.

The Company advertising that Hoof Wraps are a multi-use bandage – not a boot – that offers an alternative for everyday horse hoof care and saves you the time and expense of home-made bandages. Easily treat common hoof problems like horse hoof abscess, thrush and stone bruise, or use for protection after shoe loss. It’s designed specifically for horses on turn out so your horse can still enjoy the freedom of mobility during treatment.

The one size fits most system works well for most horses and the extreme grip fastening system ensures it comes back to the barn. Three layers of 2200 denier ballistic nylon and industrial stitching offer tough construction.

An EVA foam pad is included for comfort and Hoof Wraps can easily be removed, cleaned and reapplied. Use with a variety of poultice, topical solutions and medicated pads. Light weight and compact, horse hoof wraps are a great addition to your first aid kit or saddle bag.

Machine wash. One size fits horse shoe sizes 00-0-1-2 or rough diameter of 4” to 5.5”. You should have one in your saddle bag, and I suggest pre-trim the pad to fit your horse.

Click on the link to the left to order one, or click here.

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  1. Hey Functional Horseman. Like your vids. I use these hoof wraps and they are really a great item. Always have one on hand. Keep it up, buddy! Craig in Ohio.