Monday, August 9, 2010

Tying Knots - The Timber Hitch

The Timber Hitch is an easy knot to learn and is used for dragging or pulling large objects such as telephone poles or railroad ties with your Horse or with your Truck.

The lariat is also well suited to pulling or dragging objects on Horseback because the rope's Honda bites down onto the rope and keeps the rope from slipping off the object. However I for one don't like using my good 50 foot ranch rope for dragging timbers when I can use an old piece of rope and save my ranch rope for what it was intended for.

This knot is also useful when using cable or chain for pulling stumps or dragging large items with your Truck.

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  1. Great Video, I've actually been tying timbers with the same hitch, but every time i tried i had my horse spook (scared of the chasing object). Once i got him to back up and see the object and then move off it helped a lot. Thank you! I just moved 7 railroad ties this weekend using this method, and it was flawless.