Monday, July 26, 2010

Tying Knots - The Bowline

Functional Horsemanship is starting a series on knots that come in handy for Horsemen,…Horsewomen too.

I have previously posted videos on how to tie a horse with a lead line to a tie rail or to a trailer “D” ring. Tying horses should be done with slip knots, if possible. For the videos for tying horses, click the link below:

Tying a Horse to a Tie Rail

Tying a Horse to a Trailer "D" Ring

The knots I will be covering in this series of posts pertain to knots use for a wide range of functions. I’ll start of with the Bowline knot. This knot is used to anchor a rope to something such as a tie down spot on a trailer or bed of a truck; tie off to a rock or tree so you can have a controlled descent down a slope or cliff.

The Bowline and other knots that I will be covering are just good tools to have in your saddlebag of knowledge as a Horseman or Outdoorsman.

Hope you all like these series of posts on knots.

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  1. Hey Functional Horseman, enjoy your vids,. can you tell me some more uses for the Bowline knot? Jedd - Texas