Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reader Question - Looking for Someone to Ride my Excess Horses

I received a question from Teresa, via e-mail: "Hello. I am 61 years old and still riding. I am kind of a horse saver, taking horses from people who can no longer ride or care for them. I have two younger horses that I cannot get time to ride. Do you know someone in the Scottsdale, Arizona area that you would trust to put some time in on some young horses for me?"

You bet Teresa. Glad to hear you are still riding. I have a old partner of mine out in that area and I believe he is currently riding horses for some people, just like you're asking about.

His name is Dan Buckingham and he is a very experienced Cowboy. He can be contacted at tophanddan@gmail.com

Tell him I sent you to him. In fact, tell him I said he looks like hell but is a damn good hand. He'll get a belly laugh outa that.

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