Monday, April 12, 2010

Mexican Style Rodeo - Bronco 100x

Some friends of mine (P&A Productions out of the El Paso Texas area) produced a local rodeo this past weekend so I thought I would share a couple short videos of this Mexican Style rodeo, which was billed as “the U.S. versus Mexico ”.

Great event with Mariachi bands, Charamusas (female Mexican Charro riders), lots of people, probably more rough stock riders than all other event competitors combined, lots of food and importantly beer. More importantly, there were veterinarians (Paws ‘n Hooves Mobile Vet Clinic) on hand and good care was taken of all livestock.

Be sure to watch the Charamusa closely. These amazing ladies ride side saddle wearing those big, colorful dresses and show off excellent riding skills.

I hope P&A Productions continue to produce local rodeos in this area and my family and I had a great time that night.

It may be hard to pickup on the videos, but this rodeo was held at a local Charro arena which is like a keyhole, designed for Charro competitions. We’ll try to get some videos on local Charro competition as well as this is very entertaining.

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