Monday, May 24, 2010

Horse Training - Leading a Balky Horse

Justin from North Carolina e-mailed me and asked what to do with a horse that balks moving forward when he is leading it. If you lead a horse to the same lace each and every time and make him work or do something he ain't comfortable with, then he may be balking because he gets away with it and/or gets put back in his pen.

One sure way to get the horse to move is to move him off center, as in turning him, however this does not get him moving forward.

In the video I show Justin how to use a short crop or cue stick to tap the horse in the barrel like when you are in the saddle and giving him a cue to move forward. Tapping him with a longer cue stick on the rear end or above the hocks will also work, but it's not the same cue as you would give the horse (pressure on the barrel with your leg, calf or spur) if you were in the saddle. Hope this helps Justin. Safe Journey.

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  1. I have my 10 year old paint in a rental stables near my college. When I go to get him on the weekends when he is turned out, he is evasive and hard to catch. He spends a great deal of time out in the turnout each week so I don't understand. I've never treated him badly so he should not avoid me. Any ideas? Sara, Florida.