Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Texas Equestrian Trail Riders Association

I was recently made aware of a Trail Riding Organization based around the Waco, Texas area. Formed in 1997, TETRA strives to promote all phases of trail riding as a family activity. This includes trail safety and etiquette, environmental responsibilities and educating the public about the care and conditioning of equine for trail activities. TETRA members are individuals who share a mutual love of horses and participate in trail rides across the state of Texas.

TETRA continues to establish, improve and maintain equestrian trails, offer clinics and seminars throughout the year. TETRA Needs Your Support. Get Involved 2012 ANNUAL MEMBERS MEETING will be held on January 21, 2012 at Texas Star Hall, 6514 South I.H. 35, Robinson, TX 76706

Visit the TETRA website.

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  1. I recently became a Director with TETRA (Texas Equestrian Trail Riders Association) and would like to add that TETRA is a Texas "state based" organization with the area of the state of Texas being divided into 12 Regions. Although Region 8 where Waco is located is quite active, there are other Regions that are developing equestrian programs as well. In fact, we are planning a Ranch Ride in the fall at a ranch near Menard.
    Thank you for the KUDOS, though. We look forward to riding the trails with ya!

    Glenna Bell Orman
    Director, Region 7
    Burnet, TX