Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wyatt Earp Died 84 years ago Today

Today marks the 84th anniversary of Wyatt Earp's death, having passed away at age 80 in Los Angeles having out lived all of his brothers. The photograph at left is thought to have ben taken within a year of his death.
Wyatt did not die in a brothel like how most men want to go out,....he died at home. 

Earp, of course, most famous for his "Shootout at the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona in 1881, enjoyed a long and productive life well after that his famous career as a lawman, most notably working in Hollywood mentoring and coaching Actor-Cowboy on the silver screen including Tom Mix and William S. Hart, who he developed a friendship with. 

Wyatt Earp, and his brothers Vigil, Morgan, James, Warren and Bruce,...just kidding - he did not have a brother named Bruce,....were immortalized in many movies, the most recent one's being "Tombstone" and "Wyatt Earp", and if you can forgive the rider's jerking their horses' heads around with the reins, then these movies are enjoyable.

Note to my wife:  No brothel death for me.  I just as soon die in bed,....from natural causes.

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