Thursday, March 21, 2013

Equine Soaker - Hoof Soaking Boot

While Hoof Wraps brought out the Equine Soaker quite a while ago, it's a good enough product to cover again, as well as the new Soaker Sacks that can be used with the Equine Soaker or by itself to keep a medicine on a hoof such as treating an infection from a puncture, using with a epsom salt solution for a stone bruise, or treating a really bad case of thrush. 

Hard rubber boot of which there are many designs, are hard to secure and are only as high as around the coronary band, are the traditional method of applying a medicine poultice or soaking the hoof with epsom salts. And I'm sure some of you, as well as I, have placed a horse's foot in a bucket to soak but that requires holding the horse.  On some horses the bucket works well, on other the Equine Soaker may be a better solution.  

The Equine Soaker is a heavy duty nylon sack and comes with two EVA hoof pads for the inside bottom and is secured using two velcro straps and draw cord secured with two cord locks so you can secure the equine soaker above the coronary band and above the fetlock. An additional Velcro EZ strap is provided as well to replace a worn out velcro strap or to additional secure the Soaker Sack. The Equine Soaker is made of thick ballistic nylon and has a coated nylon liner, and is six inches in diameter so it will last a long time and fit all but an elephant's hoof. Priced currently at $34.95 it is an affordable piece of equipment to have on hand.

The Soaker Sack comes in a package of two Soaker Sacks, two Velcro EZ straps and 1 EVA foam pad and are 18 inches tall x 12 inches wide. The Soaker Sacks can be used inside the Equine Soaker to prolong the useability of the Equine Soaker. Currently priced at $18.00 they are another affordable item for your horse medicine bag. Both of these pieces of horse health care items are available from Hoof

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