Friday, March 14, 2014

Eclectic Horseman Magazine and Horseman's Gazette

If you don't know about Eclectic Horseman Magazine or their quarterly video series, The Horseman's Gazette, then maybe you ought to.

Although they got started in 2001, I didn't find out about them until around 2005, when I picked up one of their magazines from Kansas Saddlery.

Their bi-monthly magazine features articles from Buck Brannaman, Bryan Neubert, Martin Black, Joe Wolter, Scott Grosskopf, Wendy Murdoch, and many others bringing an eclectic approach to horse training and problem solving. Or what, Emily Kitching and Steve Bell - a husband and wife team and the owners of Eclectic Horseman Communications, call a cross-disciplined approach to horsemanship for students of all experience levels or Just what works.

The Horseman's Gazette is a quarterly video series on DVD which complements the magazine well. Each issue has over 60 minutes of instruction and opinion from well known and respected horsemen and women.

How to video articles and segments on people are something I've watch many times over the years. The latest issues, No. 17 Winter 2013 features videos on: Tying Up Your Mecate with Bryan Neubert; Four Methods of Moving the Hindquarters with Buck Brannaman; Getting Your Horse to Move Out with Paul Dietz; Warmup For the Branding with Scott Grosskopf; and, Leg Yield Part I - the Walk with Wendy Murdoch. Check out the Eclectic Horseman website or give them a call at 1-866-773-3537.

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