Monday, April 25, 2011

Beginning Roping II - Question from Jerry

I received this comment from the post "Beginning Roping": "Mr FunctionalHorsemanship, can you do another roping video with close ups on how you hold the rope with both hands? thanks for the stuff in advance and thanks for the site. Jerry"

Sure Jerry, the photos above show how I hold the rope both in my off hand (left) and in my roping hand (right). Get familiar with this then you'll be more comfortable when horseback and also holding the reins in your off hand (left hand). The spoke which is the distance from your roping (right) hand to the honda should be at least the length of your hand to elbow. The off hand (left hand)should contain the coiled rope, but loosely so they can feed out as your throw your loop.

The keys are to build a decent sized loop; use your wrist to spin the loop - minimizing arm movement; and as you release turn your palm downward in effect pointing your index finger at your target - this is follow through and will really help not only your accuracy but throwing a flat and open loop.

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