Saturday, April 2, 2011

Recipe - Cowboy Potatoes

Boy, I love potatoes, how about you? This is how I cook them in a 9 inch Dutch Oven. If you haven’t used a Dutch Oven, you can see in the picture that that lid has a lip around it – this allows you to seat the oven deep in a bed of coals of a camp fire, then shovel hot coals on top, so the ingredients are evenly cooked. You can make them in a conventional oven as well. I've have heard these potatoes called "pan baked potatoes" too.

You’ll need the following:

Six good sized regular potatoes sliced into eights or 12-14 smaller Red potatoes sliced in quarters

Oil (I prefer Olive Oil), quarter cup

Butter (I prefer sweet, salted butter), maybe one half stick

Bacon Bits – one whole jar or better yet crumbled from crisp cooked bacon slices

Garlic – at least one clove – maybe two (best to use chopped garlic but you can use Garlic powder or Garlic salt)

In a plastic bag, oil up the potatoes, then combine the garlic and bacon bits. Then melt the butter in the Dutch Oven and dump in the potatoes and anything left over in the plastic bag.

They are done once you can push a dull knife through one of the potatoe quarters. The left over juice and fixin’s can be used over about any meat. But I like to coat my potatoes with it like a gravy.

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